Project – Reference

This reference page will give you all public API details for retrieving, inserting, updating and deleting data in RecMan.

Read our quickstart guide to learn how to do a basic get, select, insert, update and delete operation in RecMan API.

GET method details

Get is the method for retrieving data for projects.

Scope project
Page Pagenumber, 1000 projects per page
Fields See below
Parameters companyId, departmentId, responsibleUserId, minProjectId

POST method details

The POST method is used for inserting, updating and deleting projects. More information on each operation can be found in the sidebar menu.

Scope project
Operation insert / update / delete
Fields See details below

Project Fields

Fields Description
companyIdstring Company ID
projectIdstring Project ID
numberstring Number
departmentIdstring Department ID
responsibleUserIdstring Responsible user ID
namestring Name
typestring Type
statusstring Status
completePercentstring Complete percent
invoiceNotesstring Invoice notes
startDatestring Start date
endDatestring End date
createdstring Created
updatedstring Updated
directionsstring Directions
invoiceRefUserIdstring Invoice reference user ID
workUnitPeriodTypestring Work unit period type
invoiceRefCompanyContactIdstring Invoice reference company contact ID
holidayRatestring Holiday rate
defaultInvoicestring Default invoice
defaultSalarystring Default salary
invoiceFactorinteger Returns the invoice factor from a project if it's added
membersstring Company contacts
costCentreIdinteger Cost centre ID
occupationCodeinteger Occupation code
valueinteger Value of project
attributesobject See fields below
fileobject See fields below

Project Attributes

Sub Fields Description
attributeIdinteger The ID of attributeRequired on operation: insert
projectAttributeIdinteger The ID of the attribute on projectRequired on operation: update delete
boolboolean No=0 & Yes=1Valid values: 0 1
textstring Text content
ratinginteger RatingValid values: 1 2 3 4 5
checkboxIdsarray of integer List of checkbox IDs
dropdownIdinteger Dropdown ID

Project Files

Sub Fields Description
fileIdstring The file IDRequired on operation: delete
namestring Name of file with extension
extstring Extension
base64string Base64 encoded file