Log – Reference

This reference page will give you all public API details for retrieving, inserting, updating and deleting logs in RecMan.

GET method details

Get is the method for retrieving data for logs.

URL Get https://api.recman.no/v2/get/
Scope log
Page Pagenumber, 1000 logs per page
Segment companyId, companyContactId, candidateId, projectId, userId
Example https://api.recman.no/v2/get/?key=YOUR_KEY&scope=log&candidateId=#####
Paramenters minLogId

When retrieving logs you need to specify the ID of who you want to retrieve the log for. If you have a list of candidates you need to loop through these candidates one by one.


View PHP example

	$candidateList = array('123456','234567','345678');

	$url = 'https://api.recman.no/v2/get/';
	$key = 'YOUR_KEY';
	$scope = 'log';
	$segment = 'candidateId';

	foreach( $candidateList as $candidateId ) {
      $logData = file_get_content( $url . '?key=' . $key . '&scope=' . $scope . '&'. $segment . '=' . $candidateId );
      echo var_export( $logData );
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Value: https://api.recman.no/v2/get/?key=&scope=log&companyId=

Try the API to see results

POST method details

The POST method is used for inserting, updating and deleting logs.

URL POST https://api.recman.no/v2/post/
Scope log
Operation insert / update / delete
Fields See details below

Log Fields

Fields Description
logIdstring Log IDRequired on operation: update delete
candidateIdinteger Candidate ID
companyIdinteger Company ID
companyContactIdinteger Company contact ID
projectIdinteger Project ID
userIdinteger User ID
createddate-time Date and time
textstring Text
typestring Valid values: customerVisitNew customerVisit customerVisit.meeting phoneContact assignedPresentation intake comment salesMeeting phone fax email candidateEmail alert creditRating phoneInterview workplaceVisit presentation employeeConversation companyFollowUp candidatePresentation backgroundcheck letter reference inPersonInterview interview salesLetter callCanvas salesEmail customerLunch customerArrangement christmasVisit easterVisit summerVisit orderFollowUp other followUpPhone travel residents skype multipleRepresentativeMeeting newCustomerMeeting