This API endpoint you can add jobs. This is only for historical use. Adding active jobs will have to be created manually in RecMan. All jobs are added to projects, with a link to the candidate and the responsible user. Please be aware that candidates must be approved for staffing before any jobs can be added to them.

Scope job
Operation insert / update / delete
Fields See details below

Job Fields

Fields Description
jobIdinteger Job IDRequired on operation: update delete
employmentIdstring Employment Id for candidateRequired on operation: insert
projectIdinteger Project IDRequired on operation: insert
candidateIdinteger Candidate IDRequired on operation: insert
responsibleUserIdinteger Responsible user IDRequired on operation: insert
namestring NameRequired on operation: insert
startDatestring Start date. Format "yyyy-mm-dd"Required on operation: insert
endDatestring End date Format "yyyy-mm-dd"Required on operation: insert
invoiceinteger Invoice
salarystring SalaryFormat: #####.##
descriptionstring Description
separateInvoiceboolean Separate invoiceValid values: 0 1
salaryTypestring Salary typeValid values: hourSalary daySalary monthSalary unitSalary consultant
collectiveAgreementIdinteger Collective agreement ID

End Jobs

This scope can be used to end existing jobs in the system.

Scope endJob
Operation insert
Fields See below

End Job

Fields Description
jobIdinteger The ID of the job you wish to end. Required on operation: insert
reasonIdinteger Provies a reason for ending the job, based on 8 preset reasons. Values is "1"-"8". Required on operation: insert
commentesstring Comment as to why the job has been ended.
ratinginteger Rating from "1"-"5". "0" or blank gives Undefined.
endedUserIdinteger User ID of the user who ends the job.