Candidates – Reference

This reference page will give you all public API details for retrieving, inserting, updating and deleting data in RecMan.

Read our quickstart guide to learn how to do a basic get, select, insert, update and delete operation in RecMan API.

GET method details

Get is the method for retrieving data. Please visit the GET candidate page for more information.

Scope candidate
Page Pagenumber, 500 candidates per page
Fields See details below

POST method details

The POST method is used for inserting, updating and deleting candidates. More information on each operation can be found in the sidebar menu.

URL Post
Scope candidate
Operation insert / update / delete
Fields See details below

Candidate Fields

Fields Description
candidateIdinteger Candidate IDRequired on operation: update delete
corporationIdinteger Corporation ID can be found here: on operation: insert
firstNamestring First name of candidate
lastNamestring Last name of candidate
titlestring Title
emailstring Email
officeEmailstring Office Email
mobilePhonestring Mobile Phone
homePhonestring Home Phone
officePhonestring Office Phone
genderstring GenderValid values: male female
maritalStatusstring Marital Status
dobdate Date of birthFormat: Y-m-d
workStatusstring Work Status
descriptionstring Description
notesstring Notes
departmentIdsarray of integer An array of department ID's you want to connect the candidate to
userIdsarray of integer An array of user ID's you want to connect the candidate to
companyIdsarray of integer An array of company ID's you want to connect the candidate to
companyContactIdsarray of integer An array of company contact ID's you want to connect the candidate to
blockCompanyIdsarray of integer An array of company ID's that is blocked. POST only.
industryIdsarray of integer
blockedCompaniesinteger List of companyID's that is blocked. GET only.
bannedboolean If candidate is banned, POST only.Valid values: 0 1
childrenarray of integer To add number of children, insert array of brith year per childValid values: year 4 digit
ratingstring Rating, 0-5Valid values: 1 2 3 4 5
facebookstring Facebook URL
linkedinstring LinkedIn URL
twitterstring Twitter URL
webstring Website URL
createdstring When candidate profile was created
updatedstring Last change of candidate profile
nationalitystring NationalityValid values: ISO_3166-1 standard - Alpha-code 2
languageIdinteger Language ID
address1string Address 1
address2string Address 2
postalCodestring Postal Code
citystring City
countrystring Country
driversLicensearray of strings List of driver licensesValid values: A A1 B BE D D1 D1E DE C C1 C1E CE M T TRUCK
employmentstring Give information about employment, GET only.
passwordstring Password, POST only.
profilePicturestring GET Only, will return URL to image.See fields below
experienceobject See fields below
educationobject See fields below
certificationobject See fields below
languageobject See fields below
dependentsobject See fields below
employeeobject See fields below
employmentobject See fields below
skillsobject See fields below
referenceobject See fields below
fileobject See fields below
profilePicturesobject See fields below
pipelineobject See fields below
attributesobject See fields below
interviewobject See fields below
hprobject See fields below
jobApplicationobject See fields below
referenceCheckobject See fields below
workLocationobject See fields below
salaryMatrixCategoryobject See fields below
termsAcceptedobject See fields below
dialogueobject See fields below


Sub Fields Description
educationIdinteger Required on operation: update delete
schoolNamestring Name of the school
typestring Type of school
startDatedate Start dateFormat: Y-m-d (2017-10-31)
endDatedate End dateFormat: Y-m-d (2017-10-31)
descriptionstring Description
degreestring Degree
locationstring Location


Sub Fields Description
experienceIdstring Experience IDRequired on operation: update delete
companyNamestring Name of company
titlestring Title
locationstring Location
startDatedate Format: Y-m-d
endDatedate Format: Y-m-d
currentinteger 1 = Yes, 0 = NoValid values: 0 1
descriptionstring Description


Sub Fields Description
languageIdstring Language IDRequired on operation: update delete
namestring Name of languageValid values: ISO_3166-1 standard - Alpha-code 2
levelstring Valid values: elementary limitedWorking professionalWorking fullProfessional nativeOrBilingual


Sub Fields Description
certificationIdstring Certification IDRequired on operation: update delete
namestring Name of certification
endDatedate Format: Y-m-d
descriptionstring Description
candidateAccessboolean If the candidate has access to the certification or notFormat: 1, 0


Inserting any fields in the employee object will make the candidate approved for staffing and unless inserted will automatically be given an employee number.

Sub Fields Description
numberstring Employee number
socialSecurityNostring Social Security Number
bankAccountstring Bank account number
clearingNumberinteger Clearing number
notesstring Notes
startDatestring Start date
endDatestring End date
senioritystring Seniority
salarystring Salary
employmentstring EmploymentValid values: fullTime partTime extra
statusstring StatusValid values: active quit unpaidSickLeave paidSickLeave paidLeave unpaidLeave laidOff
activestring Active - no=0 & yes=1Valid values: 0 1
paymentTypestring Payment type
workTypestring workType
paymentIntervalstring Payment interval
workConditionTypestring Work condition type
shiftstring Shift
hoursWeeklystring Weekly hours
paymentMethodstring Payment method
tableTypestring Table type
tableNumberstring Table number
taxPercentstring Tax percent
occupationCodestring Occupation code
municipalityCodestring Municipality code
employmentPercentstring Employement percent
emailPaycheckstring Paycheck email
aaRegisterstring AA register
companyIdinteger If candidate is subcontractor, include companyID. (POST only)
salaryIntervalstring Salary IntervalValid values: weekly fortnight monthly
foreignSocialSecurityNostring Foreign Social Security Number (max 70 char)
offshoreBankAccountstring Offshore Bank Account (max 70 char)
hogiaEmploymentStatusstring hogiaEmploymentStatusValid values: warrantyEmpWithoutLeave warrantyEmpWithLeave warrantyUnion internalEmp ongoing endedNoRenewal endedRenewalPossible onDemand hourlyEmployed gamGuarantee weeklyPaid monthGuarantee newGuarantee


Dependents will only be visible in RecMan for candidates that are approved for staffing.

Sub Fields Description
employmentIdinteger Required on operation: update
employmentIdsstring Required on operation: delete
primaryinteger Primary Employment ( required on insert if no other employments)Valid values: 0 1
titlestring TitleRequired on operation: insert
startDatedate Start Date (required on insert)Format: Y-m-d
endDatedate End Date (required on insert)Format: Y-m-d
positionPercentstring Position Percent
yearSalaryinteger Year Salary
hourSalaryinteger Hour Salary
employeeNumberinteger Employee Number (required on insert)
socialSecurityNostring Social Security Number
departmentIdinteger Department Id
subcontractorCompanyIdinteger Sub contractor CompanyId
bankAccountstring Bank Account
responsibleUserIdinteger Responsible User Id
bicstring BIC
ibanstring IBAN
dnumberstring D Number
primaryEmployerstring Primary Employer
vacationDayCountinteger Vacation Day Count
occupationCodeinteger Occupation code
workConditionIdinteger Work condition Id
shiftArrangementIdstring Shift Arrangement Id


Dependents will only be visible in RecMan for candidates that are approved for staffing.

Sub Fields Description
dependentsIdstring Required on operation: update delete
namestring Name
relationstring Relation
emailstring Email
mobilePhonestring Mobile phone number
officePhonestring Office phone Number
homePhonestring Home phone number
notesstring Notes


Sub Fields Description
skillsIdstring Skills IDRequired on operation: update delete
namestring Skill name
ratingstring RatingValid values: 1 2 3 4 5


Sub Fields Description
referenceIdstring Required on operation: update delete
namestring Name
companyNamestring Company name
emailstring Email
officePhonestring Office phone
mobilePhonestring Mobile phone
descriptionstring Description
internalNotestring Internal note
notesstring Notes
referenceIdinteger ID of referenceRequired on operation: delete

Files (POST)

If you are inserting a candidate and want to add files to this, the candidate object needs to be created first. I.e. it has to be done in 2 rounds.

  1. Insert the candidate
  2. Upload files on the inserted candidate
Sub Fields Description
namestring Name
extensionstring ExtensionValid values: pdf docx etc...
base64string Base64
createddate-time Date and time of inserted fileFormat: Y-m-d H:i:s
candidateAccessinteger 0 is default. If set to 1 candidates will be able to access file when logged inValid values: 0 1
urlstring Optional to add links to file-list.
typestring Optional, use when adding links.Valid values: url

Profile Picture

Sub Fields Description
extensionstring ExtensionRequired on operation: insert
base64string Base64Required on operation: insert
namestring Name + extension (optional)
View JSON example
    "success": true,
    "affectedRows": 1,
	"url": "",
	"message": "profilePicture inserted"


Sub Fields Description
attributeIdinteger The ID of the attributeRequired on operation: insert
candidateAttributeIdinteger The ID of the attribute on candidateRequired on operation: update delete
boolinteger Boolean value. False = 0, True = 1Valid values: 0 1
ratinginteger Rating valueValid values: 1 2 3 4 5
checkboxIdsarray of integer A list of checkbox IDs. To add rating provide a sub-array with "id" and "rating". array( "id" => 6829, "rating" => 5 )
dropdownIdinteger The ID of the dropdown value.


Sub Fields Description
categoryIdstring Pipeline Category ID
userIdstring Responsible user ID
projectIdstring Project ID
jobPostIdstring Job post ID
createdstring Date when createdFormat: Y-m-d H:i:s

Job Applications

Sub Fields Description
jobApplicationIdinteger The jobApplicationidRequired on operation: update delete
jobPostIdinteger Job post ID
textstring Application text
statusstring Status
createdstring Created


By adding the parameter interviewLastUpdated you can get candidates and interviews that are updated after the given timestamp. For instance:

...scope=candidate&key=YOUR_KEY&fields=firstName,interview&page=1&interviewLastUpdated=2019-01-01 07:00:00

Will give you all candidates and interviews that are created or updated on 1st of January 2019 at 7 am or after.

Sub Fields Description
interviewIdinteger The ID of the inserted interviewRequired on operation: update delete
namestring Name
notesstring Notes
ratinginteger RatingValid values: 1 2 3 4 5
startDateTimedate-time Start date and timeFormat: Y-m-d H:i:s
endDateTimedate-time End date and timeFormat: Y-m-d H:i:s
createddate-time When createdFormat: Y-m-d H:i:s
updateddate-time When last updatedFormat: Y-m-d H:i:s
userIdinteger The ID of the user
interviewIdinteger ID of interviewRequired on operation: delete


Sub Fields Description
numberinteger HPR number
approvedboolean Approved
notesstring Notes
noticestring Notice
noticeMessagestring Notice Message

Reference Check

Sub Fields Description
notesstring Notes, HTML is expected.
statusstring Status (0 = Not approved, 1 = Approved)Valid values: 0 1
createddate-time Created DateFormat: Y-m-d H:i:s

Work location

Sub Fields Description
workLocationIdinteger Work Location IDRequired on operation: update delete
countryIdinteger Country ID
regionIdinteger Region ID
cityIdinteger City ID

Salary matrix category

Sub Fields Description

Terms accepted

Sub Fields Description
valueinteger 0/null = Not accepted. 1 = Accepted by the candidate. 2 = Accepted by a co-workerValid values: 0 null 1 2
createddate-time The date it was acceptedFormat: Y-m-d H:i:s
userIdinteger The ID of a co-worker who accepted the terms on behalf of the candidate


Sub Fields Description
typestring Type of dialogueValid values: Email SMS
fromstring The sender
tostring The receiver
ccstring Emails that are on CC
subjectstring Subject of the email
createddate-time Date of creationFormat: Y:m:d
userIdinteger The user who sent/registered the email or SMS
messagestring The message of the email or SMS